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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About Gemini People

Gemini people are brought to you by the famous ruling planet Mercury. In astrology, Mercury represents the intellect, the mind, perception. Nobody thinks more quickly or perceives more rapidly than the Gemini. Endowed with an uncanny ability to relate to others, the Gemini person is always "on".

Geminis are active in the extreme. They love a joke and enjoy silliness. Ordinarily, Geminis want to he smack in the center of all the folly there is to be had. Geminis are always at home performing skits or dancing on the tables or recounting their latest monologue. Born actors and actresses, Geminis may not always invent their own stories, but they sure know how to tell them.

Because theirs is a twin sign, many Geminis suffer from the inability to make life-altering decisions and stick to them. They are so open to change and so adore newness that sometimes they get distracted and won't stick to routine long enough to succeed. What every Gemini needs is a strong-minded parent or mate to literally force him to complete projects before going on to other ones.

As the Gemini is usually attractive and exudes a special form of magnetism, he is not infrequently drawn to politics. As a candidate, with his eloquence and that tinge of childlike charm, he can hardly miss-that is, if he can decide which political party he belongs to and whether or not he will care enough to adhere to its tenets tomorrow.

I suppose the word is restless. Geminis have difficulty sitting still. They need change and are impatient with stodgy people who never appear to vacillate. Trouble is, the stodges are very often those who have succeeded through perseverance. The Gemini is not perseverant. He doesn't need to belong to any group where rules and ideals are imposed and clung to. He hankers after the luxury of change and wants the independence to say "Ciao!" to anyone who threatens to tie him down. Gemini is not a loner. He needs people. But not dull people.

Emotionally, too, Gemini is a performer. On certain mornings he is a moody Hamlet and by afternoon he's an optimistic Ulysses forging through the high seas on his way to literary stardom. Whatever he does, he's bound to be the star of the show.

When the evening comes around and the lights go up, he may stun you with his seriousness, his ability to interpret lines, to touch your most sensitive heartstring and raise goose bumps with his eloquence. Next time you see him, Gemini may be worried, lost. Frightened. The magic of emotion-all emotion-lives very close to Gemini's sparkling surface.

Because they are so adaptable, Geminis are extremely versatile. They can excel at almost any career as long as it offers a chance to perform- anything from a top drawer brain surgeon to an operatic garbage man.